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Arborvitae Thuja and yew Taxus can be pruned during spring and early.

The blue spruce tree's slow growth makes it mostly intolerant to heavy pruning. In order to promote a positive response, the blue spruce must have enough time to repair itself before entering its dormant period. Always complete this tree's pruning during the late winter or early spring months, just before the onset of its growing season.

It's probably best to prune them in late winter, before growth begins. Some spring pruning, however, is not harmful. Pines only put on a single flush of tip growth each spring and then stop growing. Prune before these new needles become mature. Pines do not have lateral buds, so removing terminal buds will take away new growing points for that branch. Needled evergreens such as spruce (Picea) and fir (Abies) are best pruned in late winter before growth begins.

Arborvitae (Thuja) and yew (Taxus) can be pruned during spring and early summer.

Cases where trimming of the bottom branches is required In most cases, the lower part of the spruce needs pruning if it is too large.

Pruning of any kind can encourage new growth; therefore, pruning should not be performed late in the season to avoid the risk of cold temperatures damaging tender new growth. Jul 01, The best time for pruning, especially if you want maintain the greatest vigor for your tree(s), is during the dormant season (winter).

I prefer waiting until late winter because the trees have fully hardened off and are less prone to frost damage at the pruning wounds. While evergreens such as blue spruce don't require extensive pruning -- the plant doesn't grow continuously and doesn't require much maintenance -- it's best to prune blue spruce in the later winter months before the shrub's growing season.

Avoid pruning during the wet or warm season to limit the likelihood of diseases. can spruce trees be trimmed? Spruce trees need minimal trimming and are intolerant of heavy stumpgrind.buzzng them is best restricted to removing their dead and damaged branches and to encouraging new shoot growth for fuller trees. You may ask, How do you stop a spruce tree from growing taller? Trim them back several inches.

Pruning a spruce, regardless of its age, stimulates the production of resin, or sap, which protects the exposed cut from a fungus infection.

Work your way down the sides of the. Best Time. Plant older spruce trees when dormant in the early spring months before the tree begins to exhibit any new growth. For best results, plant the tree just before the last frost of the season and before the spring thaw or rains begin.