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There are many camellia cultivars and their mature sizes range from 2 feet to 20.

1930 Gloucester MA Severe pruning of camellias is generally thought to involve the removal of one third to one half of the existing plant.

However, in some instances, this severe pruning could be even more drastic. In most cases, the plant should have no problem recovering from such a major pruning, and the pruned plant should quickly begin to grow with vigor. Mar 10, If your Camellia is a consistent spring bloomer – usually the Camellia japonica group – prune your plant as it is blooming or immediately after.

By pruning your shrubs at these times, you should be allowing your plants sufficient time to develop new flower buds for the year to come. However, if you wait too long, and prune them late, you Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 20, Shaping the plant will encourage more vigorous, bushy growth and will increase the number of blooms. After the camellia plant has finished blooming, pinch or snip the ends of the branches back to the desired size.

If you want your growing camellias to grow larger than they currently are, just prune back an inch ( cm.) or less. Feb 13, Shaping a Camellia Bush Use sharp snips and prune off the ends of branches to give the camellia a desired shape. If you are happy with the size of the shrub, only snip off about an inch of the branch stumpgrind.buzzted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Jun 22, Camellia can make a wonderful addition to your garden, and pruning them properly will make sure they stay healthy. Prune your camellia immediately after the flowers have finished blooming in the spring so you don’t affect any new growth. Use sharp pruning shears to remove dead or overgrown foliage as close to the main branch as possible%. Jul 17, Step 1 – Winter / Spring.

It is best to start pruning overgrown Camellias in later winter or early spring. To trim back overgrown Camellias you need to cut back extra leaving the flower only cms (5cm – 6 inches) from the ground. You will need to remove most of the Camellias shrub’s branches and foliage. Dec 14, As camellia bushes age, they tend to grow tall and lanky unless trimmed.

A minimal annual trim may be best, but pruning an overgrown camellia is warranted to reduce height and force new branching. Pruning. The pruning of camellias is important to obtain plants with beautiful shape and to allow light and air to circulate easily (the English say that birds must be able to fly inside the plant or also that it must be possible to see through the plant itself: to see through) Do the pruning before the camellias begin to put new vegetation.